Your Spiritual Ticket for WWII

A Spiritual Ticket

for the tearing turmoil of World War II, or our lives today would be well,

just the ticket.

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Corrie ten Boom of the Netherlands/Nederland, April 15, 1892 to April 15, 1983, wrote the book, which also became a movie, The Hiding Place about her experiences hiding Jewish onderduikers during World War II.

English: Another angle from the Hiding Place

English: Another angle from the Hiding Place (Photo credit: WikipediI, along with her father Casper ten Boom and sister Betsie ten Boom . Ultimately they were betrayed and captured, along with a group of onderduikers (hiders) in their home at the time.

Like all civilians in the path of war, she had wondered how they would survive if the three were betrayed to the Nazis. She couldn’t fathom braving torture, prison or a concentration camp. Who could?

Corrie had already braved becoming the first woman watchmaker for her guild, running a church for developmentally delayed girls and the German-Nazi shutdown of a youth club she ran. A devout Christian, she displayed life-long courage.

But in the face of death camps and cruelty, she needed her father’s story for courage, a ticket.

The story Casper ten Boom told his daughter, took on a life of its own for me. When I first read it, and also saw the movie The Hiding Place as a shy, often anxious young adult in the 1970’s, their story gave me courage too. So here is Casper ten Boom’s encouragement, through my ears, eyes and memory. The ticket message helped remind me to live in the moment, have faith in the moment, face the fear of seemingly unreachable goals, and face the feelings of seemingly unbearable loss. May it do the same for you.

“Papa?” Corrie asked. “We are hiding Jewish people. I know and believe as you do that this is the right thing to do before God, and that as Christians we know they are God’s chosen people, and that we would protect all people. So I do not want to give up. But if we are ever captured, how would I have the bravery, for even one moment to face beatings, torture or prison camps?”

Her father put down a watch he was working on, perhaps it could be bartered for coal or food, and patted her hand. “Dochter, daughter, remember when you rode the train to the business district with me when you were little, how excited you were?”

“Yes, it was wonderful. I had special trips with you, and we were going to the city!”

“And you know how our trips went well, no problems?  Well God and God’s world are like those train trips. Remember, I never let you hold your ticket.”

“Oh yes.”

“I gave you your ticket each and every time we saw the Conductor coming. That was me, your father helping you to be prepared, without first holding in your hand what you didn’t need yet. Your heavenly father does the same. When the time comes that you must face terror or even joy, God will give you the ticket. In the meantime, do your best to not feel the terror of the future now.”

“Oh,” she nodded and sat back in her chair and thought of the time they needed one hundred ration books for onderduikers.  She went to the parent of a child she had helped, and they were provided, and so many other times the same had occurred-tickets appeared. The spiritual ticket, she trusted, no matter how terrifying the circumstances would appear in her hand.

When did you receive a spiritual ticket to make it through? Tell us here.

When and how did Corrie ten Boom and her family need their tickets? I’ll tell you soon.

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