Your Six Word Life Story

Lives lost, lives saved, after-War(d)s

This is my entry into the following….

The She Speaks conference is sponsoring a contest to tell your story in six words. The prize is a scholarship to their conference in July in North Carolina. Try entering if you like; I hope you win! The deadline is tomorrow, 4/3/11.



Any time I dare to enter a contest, is  an excellent time to delve way in, to humility.  Irena Sendler, among the most admirable among non-winning Nobel prize nominees, did what she felt was right, during the worst of the shadows of World War II.

Irena Sendler was nominated for her courageous work saving Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II. She did this in the face of death, and continued her work even after arrest, and escaping execution.

Read more about this  remarkable, then 29 year old woman, a social worker in Poland, when the War broke out.


I hope I have hints of Irena’s  inner and outer beauty throughout my life. I hope you do too. Tell me your six word life story.

Irena Sendler, didn’t win her contest.  I think she knew she won, long before she was nominated.

Remember, tell me your six word story.




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  1. Janneke says:

    Ah good friend, and good entry. You just noticed that this contest is for twenty-somethings. Well, WHEN one of us wins, we’ll have a scholarship to give away. I plan to have a new contest for local twenty-somethings and let them all cajole me into being the successful candidate….hmmmm, there’s got to be an angle here somewhere

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