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Janneke Jobsis-Brown

Shadows to Light

Does surrender ever lead to victory?

The seldom told story of WWII Japanese concentration camps in the Dutch East Indies is the never-told story in Luce Van der Veer Lewis’s family.

In 2004 Luce Vanderveer Lewis receives the dreaded news that her brother is near death – again. Reluctantly, she travels cross-country to join her Dutch-American family. An unexpected journey into the past begins. For the first time, Luce’s father reveals his childhood in the Japanese concentration camps. Her father’s trauma in the Dutch East Indies and her mother’s survival in, Nazi-occupied, The Netherlands uncover the pain that produced an underlying dysfunction throughout Luce’s childhood. It’s as if the children too lived times of war despite their parents’ attempts to pretend their memories ended with liberation. Now the family must rally together to face the past, or risk losing one of their own forever.

Through surrendering to the shadows of the past, the Van der Veers find that revelations, rather than magnifying pain, bring a light of healing to each of them.

With My Father's Shadow

(this 98,000 word novel is being shopped to agents for representation)


Fear of Faith

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Do you want to get a life or endure a life? Christian women yearn for God’s Grace, yet live with constant anxiety – “Am I enough? Do I do enough?” I draw on enduring friendships and my experience as a psychotherapist to write the girlfriends’ guide to journeying away from anxiety towards Grace. Follow three women on their quest to get a life and leave fear for faith:

  • From panic to peace
  • From pain of the past to prayer in the present
  • From constant stress to constant contentment

(WIP – work in progress, estimated length, 35,000 words)

Read an excerpt: WRI Fear of Faith


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I dare you, during the times when you are “too busy to pray,” to trust that you need more time to pray. Soulitude nurtures daily faith even amidst hectic times. Brief memoir-based essays, devotionals and personal journal questions help the reader to focus on Soulitude peace going from a tiny toe-hold in daily life, to an expanse of worship time.

Memoir vignettes draw on my own life growing up with Dutch-American family profoundly affected by the aftermath of World War II. We journeyed across three continents, the Netherlands, Iran and America. I love to share my final journey, from no faith to faith, with readers.

Soulitude is the self hearing the Soul’s voice like a concert playing.
Life begins to move in rhythm with that concert.
Chaos or busyness may still be all around, yet
Soulitude is at the center, out of the hurly-burly,
Soulitude– the peaceful eye of the storm.

(WIP – work in progress, estimated length, 55,000 words)