The Remains of War, recommended to you

The Remains of War

G. Pauline Kok-Schurgers’s memoir-novel describes the real-life events she survived as a child imprisoned in as series of Japanese concentration camps during World War II.  All names are changed, yet these are true to life memories and events.

by G. Pauline Kok-Schurgers

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Sofia, the young protagonist  experienced and bore witness to the deaths,  starvation, brutality and devastation  in the women and children’s concentration camps on Sumatra (Dutch East Indies/Indonesia).

I will be ordering this memoir, which is slightly fictionalized. Sometims this category is called fictional memoir, sometimes its called faction. Such writing fascinates me.

Because fiction can truly be stranger than fact, and

because memoir is one person’s viewpoint, one person who’s sensitive to others. Such writing allows the reader and writer to respect that the work is factual, historical and is written by a person who lived the story. The approach reminds me of a quote I have heard, which needs to be matched to its author,

This is not a book you hold here, it is someone’s soul.

Are you writing your story? Can you tell me who this quote is attributed to?  Tell me.

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