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Janneke Jobsis-Brown, LCSW

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Morgan Hill, CA 408-310-3064

Let’s have a dialogue here. You are beginning a journey. Bringing into consciousness the words, I am looking for a psychotherapist, creates an open and sensitive journey. What and who are you looking for? Will you have a compassionate and capable connection with the counselor you find?

Keep in mind as you wonder about me or another provider, that I love what I do, I feel “in the zone” when I counsel, and will enjoy helping you navigate the way to your own healing and life decisions. Keep in mind also, that for couples, the “you” is a plural you. I feel particularly called to work with couples on the journey varying between (as many have noted): infatuation, love, disillusionment, true commitment, joy, and….repeat that cycle!

What follows are my areas of expertise, and description of my professional background and education.

Specializing in:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Trauma Resolution
  • Grief Work
  • Alcoholism and addiction recovery
  • Healing from relationship pain
  • Anxiety Disorders – panic, Post Traumatic Disorder, generalized anxiety
  • Wellness – healthy coping with family, job, stress and life goals

Treatment Techniques

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) and other Trauma Resolution
  • Family Systems
  • Jungian – the language of archetypes, myths and dreams
  • Recovery model – twelve step related
  • Grieving help
  • Cognitive-Behavioral
  • Developmental/Personality


Effective psychotherapy involves building a connection, establishing trust, and being transparent in the process of how each client/couple/family is viewed. Building an understanding together of what is not working, and what does work is what will lead to positive outcomes. The whole person, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and more comes in to each session, and the whole person is considered at each point of healing and change. Counseling is not just talk-therapy, it is an atmosphere of healing involving symbols of pain and healing. Together we build the story/symbol that is yours and work with your feelings, communication and spirit/mind/body healing.


My credential is as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I have held this license since 1990. My Master’s degree is in Clinical Social Work, and my BA is in Psychology. Because Clinical Social Work is an approach viewing the whole person and their environment, and because my work experience is diverse, each client can expect a unique and thorough experience.


Beyond private practice, and for over twenty-five years, my counseling work has included: the Betty Ford Center family program, Alcoholism Counselor for respected adolescent and adult rehab programs, mental health counseling in psychiatric hospitals, Clinical Director for residential treatment programs for youth and families, and my current work as a School Therapist for youth with special needs.