Locked Door

Open a Locked Door of pain?

Open this Door?

Is there meaning behind a Locked Door?

Is there a gift behind a Locked Door?

What about the gift of meaning?

these may be the TOUGHEST QUESTIONS

for survivors of World War II and other trauma

If Trauma has a Gift

(by Janneke Jobsis Brown)

If trauma has a gift

And the gift is bringing meaning to life. The gift is

Too expensive

Its cost is astronomical

People pay with their lives

The wounds are deep, as deep as the soul.

The very Spirit suffers, hides wounds, yearns for healing

If meaning is the gift of trauma

Is the cost then,

a broken spirit?


We hope and pray not.  Somehow the spirit heals.


If meaning is the gift of trauma it is

A gift each would choose

with no deadly entrance fee

If meaning is the gift of trauma, then why

Are the causes of trauma often  meaningless?

Yet, we must recover

Many find a way to recover.

There is meaning in recovery, there always is.

Ah, recovery has the gift.



And it is never too late for meaning added, value added, to even the greatest losses.

Pending posts this week: Agnieszka Holland‘s Academy Award nominated movie In Darkness about a WWII Polish sewer worker and petty thief who must decide whether to hide or reveal Jewish people found hiding in the sewer system, thoughts on faith, thoughts on “the Banality of Evil.”

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