A Compassionate World After WWII?

Security Without Damage or Panic?

“We need to reflect on this. How can we, as Americans, assure our security without panicking and without damaging the rights of others?”   Researcher Lane Ryo Hirabayashi, a professor in the department of Asian American Studies at UCLA

As the author of an upcoming WWII historical Novel, Following Shadows,  I invite your comments. Over 120,000 Japanese Americans lost their homes, land and possessions and were sent to Interment Camps for the duration of WWII. Due to worry over security (much like our world today) and after severe attack–Pearl Harbor (in our world today the cause is terrorism) a whole people were sent to Internment Camps. Today most reflect back and call these Concentration Camps, the majority incarcerated were U.S. citizens.

What can we learn from history?

Japanese-Americans in Denver remember incarceration of 120,000 during World War II

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