(2) Indonesia, “Indie” August 12, 1945, Liberation Nears

Many Safe Again

The countdown continues, (see yesterday’s post for details).

August 10, 1945  Unofficial U.S. Naval announcement of Japanese surrender

Civilians and POW’s in Japanese Concentration/Slave labor camps, will wait days and weeks yet for notice of liberation. At that time small beginning of adequate food, water and medical care begins. Indonesia will enter the chaos of the Bersiap period as native populations fight for freedom from The Netherlands (Holland). Civilians and POWs from the camps are attacked, killed and imprisoned during this time.

Courtesy WWIIleters.blogspot.com

August 12, 1945   A USS Bristol Pacific August 12, 1945, WWII Letter states “We expect the Jap’s surrender terms will be allowed by the Allies. It was unofficially announced two days ago in the evening during our movie. There was quite a bit of revelry here. Official recognition of Japanese surrender is expected any time. I surely hope it is soon.”

The same day the writer  attended an on-board Chaplain service, shared with the men serving on another ship.

courtesy of WWIIletters.blogspot.com

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